Blogger Recognition Award 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award is one of the most awarded in the blogging industry. It encourages growth and community among bloggers.

Giving up: Your Biggest Enemy

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed, is always to try just one more time.“Thomas Edison


The more I cried, the more I ate and the heavier I became. I was at the very bottom of the barrel, and it would take a miracle to rescue me.

Dear Death

It’s astounding how abruptly life can change. One minute you’re sitting down, sipping some coffee, and catching up on the latest episode of “This Is Us,” and the next minute, you’re in the ICU wondering how you never saw this kidney transplant coming.

The Light Within That Never Fades

What would you do differently in your life if you were given a time machine? Would you go back and correct all the mistakes you’ve ever made?

Is Touching Me Ever Okay?

Last year, if a student asked me if they could touch my hair, I’d let them. I thought it a compliment of sorts and welcomed the chance to “impress” them.

Weight, Beauty And Happiness

The last thing I remember of that night was staring at a knife laying on the counter-top until I cried myself to sleep.

The Smallest Step in The Right Direction

I started comparing myself to everyone else. Why was I losing followers daily? Why weren’t my sketches getting the likes and the comments? Why was I still at 150 followers?

Overcoming Self Hatred As A Black Woman

It only took 6 weeks for him to tell me that I was too black for him. I wasn’t Japanese enough. I wasn’t feminine enough. He wanted to date a Japanese woman. I was black.